Renter's Tips

Take responsibility for your environment.

If you have a noisy neighbor, try to approach them nicely first...they are more receptive to you than if you call in the office without giving them a chance. That only makes people mad and then you have a real situation that may not be able to be resolved due to hurt feelings.
Domestic Fights? Drug Activity? Criminal Activity? PLEASE - call the POLICE while it is happening. Then report it to our office. We cannot do anything about it or evict bad neighbors without documentation. The Landlord Tenant Laws are very specific and we have to follow the law. We have to have proof of problems to show the judge.
If you are having problems with your property, call the office right away. Don't stop paying rent because you aren't happy. That will only cause you to have late fees and legal problems.
Help us to fix the problem by talking to us. If you don't communicate we can't help.

Anonymous Crime Reporting Services

WeTip ......800-78-CRIME
To block caller id - press *67

Telephone Service

Residential Customers.....800-483-4000
Customer Service.....800-483-3000

Post Office

Main Branch.....427-7303

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